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Frequently Asked Questions

We've Got Your Answer... No Bull.


How much beef are we getting in a quarter of beef?

Each animal is going to vary in weight. A quarter of beef usually weighs around 200lbs hanging weight, or butchers may refer to it is on the rail. About 30-35% of this weight will be lost in the curing process (about 10 -14 days) and in the deboning, trimming, and processing for your custom meat order.

What are the cuts of meat we will get when we buy this way? 

We sell beef in a quarter front or rear, half, or whole. The whole animal can be described in 9 primal cuts:

Primal Cuts: 



Loin (Short Loin and Sirloin)



Short Plate



These Primal Cuts can be processed in the following example: (Stay tuned for a more thorough explanation of this on our blog!)

Cut | Quantity | Weight

Ribeye (Delmonico) | 32 | 24 lbs

T bones | 24 to 28 | 28 lbs

Porterhouse | 16 | 18 lbs

Sirloin | 12 | 24 lbs

Flank | 2 | 4 lbs

Flat iron | 8 | 4 lbs

Boneless chuck | 10 | 28 lbs

English Roast | 3 | 16 lbs

Tip Roast | 8 | 24 lbs

Rump Roast | 4 | 14 lbs

Top Round (London Broil) | 6 | 16 lbs

Cube Steaks | 48 | 12 lbs

Brisket | 4 | 10 lbs

Mock Tender | 2 | 6 lbs

Ground beef (Steakburger) | 560 | 280 lbs

Total lbs of beef: 508 lbs

What steps do we take to order beef directly from your farm?

We can take your email by phone, email, or through our online store. We are a small-scale real working farm, and there is a seasonality to when we will have beef available. Our cows calve in the spring, and right now we are marketing animals from last spring's crop of calves - it takes a while to grow good beef! Our farm produces a finite number of animals each year, and they will be ready for market at different times, which is why you may have to wait for the next available meat to be harvested, cured, and processed.

We take a deposit for your selection, and you will be given contact information for the butcher we will be sending our cattle to for that time. You will give them instructions on how you want your beef cut and packaged (steak thickness, size of roasts, pounds of hamburger per package, and other special directions to your liking). Final invoice amount will be due to our farm at the time of pick-up, and the butcher also has about a $0.70/lb processing fee for your final amount due.

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