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Our Family

In 1986, Tom and Kelly and their two children moved into the 1860 farmhouse positioned just yards from the barn. This former dairy farm was retrofitted to feed out cattle for beef, and over the years this farm and family has expanded, evolved and explored many avenues of production agriculture. Finished cattle, pastured cows and breeding programs, row crops, rye grass for baleage, and many 4-H and FFA projects have been an integral part of this family farm history.

steer eating hay in barn

Family Working Together

It takes a lot to make things flow together at the farm. Things don't go perfectly all the time, but this family keeps the farm moving forward. Tom and Kelly Esselburn have been married 43 years and have raised five children: Chris (Diana), Nathan (Teresa), Katie, Justin (Emily), and Andrea all play an important part in the family business. The five grandchildren are Mimi and Grandpa's pride and joy, and soon will bee involved with Esselburn Grain and Cattle.

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